Tonight I’ll dance on the graves of all my darkest days ( artwork by Rosalyn Yoon )

Tonight I’ll dance on the graves of all my darkest days (artwork by Rosalyn Yoon)

In the 12 Step recovery program an option in Step 11 is learning to meditate. Unfortunately in my, and many others experience, recovery programs do not teach or have the expertise to recommend a suitable method. As an addict and alcoholic I am forever dedicated to teaching Vedic Meditation to as many people in recovery that have a desire to learn.

Vedic Meditation is vastly different than what is offered in recovery programs or drop in studios. In recovery there is a saying “You are only as sick as your secrets”. VM is a daily practice that upgrades your chemical composition which allows the meditator to truly take a fearless inventory of what is in their nervous system. In this practice you learn to accept all your thoughts, transcend them, and upgrade your physiology (thereby upgrading your choices) by reaching a place of rest.

The meditation techniques offered in recovery programs and drop in studios only work on the surface level of thought because they require focus and concentration. Problems are not created on the surface level, they are simply carried out there. To get to the source one must go deeper into themselves on a chemical level to upgrade their actions. You cannot tame a lion by ignoring it. If you can only ever reach the symptoms and not the source, the root of the problem remains ignored.

Successful meditation is a self sufficient (no app, no guides, no concentration to keep you at the surface level of thought) daily practice you enjoy, that leads you to facing and evolving yourself.

I work with recovery centers to offer a comprehensive four day (90 minutes a day) meditation training that will make those in recovery self sufficient meditators. As well as follow up support in the form of knowledge meetings and group meditations. This is all in addition to the 12 Step program of course, and in no way replaces it.

Anyone in recovery, as well as their families, will receive a discounted course fee when learning from me.

Email here to schedule an intro talk and for more information.

Getting clean is an inside job ( Yup, Rosalyn did this one too )

Getting clean is an inside job (Yup, Rosalyn did this one too)