My Two Favorites Songs of 2018 & the Full Range of Emotion

My two favorite songs of 2018 are ‘Fen of Shadows’ by Skeletonwitch and ‘Baam’ by MOMOLAND. One is a high consciousness hardcore thrash metal song, the other a perfect kpop masterpiece of dance party fun. You can probably guess which is which! These two “conflicting” styles illustrate perfectly what meditation is all about.

From non-meditators, to short-term meditators, to long-term meditators the FULL RANGE of emotion is essential and valuable. We all have permission to experience all emotions!

Any emotion that is suppressed or hidden doesn’t disappear, it maladapts, mutates, and finds a more destructive way to express itself.

Meditation is NOT about blocking out anything or stopping thoughts (actually that is scientifically and biologically impossible)! Meditation is about allowing yourself to honestly express the full range of who you are.

When it is too bright what do you do? You raise your hand above your eyes and introduce a little darkness so that you may see. When a room is dark, you add light so that you may move freely. All emotions are essential, allow yourself permission to be truly who you are and embrace your full range of potential.

The Gift of Meditation

The Gift of Meditation

Give yourself the gift of a true meditation practice, so that you may be more available to give to others! Come enjoy a talk on all the mechanics and science of meditation.

I'm the teacher people find when they are tired of trying to meditate and want to learn how to meditate. Give yourself the best, a professional all questions answered and experiences validated course by an expert.

Refresher Sessions in Lakeview!

I am running a course and have two refresher sessions available for existing Vedic Meditators! Come get a bit deeper into your understanding of your practice!

“A person walks across a room and is a different person on each side”

As we evolve and our practice evolves it is fun to hear different aspects of the course that we may not have heard the first time through. Come get a fresh take!

Tues Nov 20th at Noon

Wed Nov 21st at Noon

Email here for address and confirmation!

Refresher Course For Existing Vedic Meditators

I am running a course this week if any existing meditators want to attend refresher sessions! Hear the course in a fresh way and revitalize your practice!

Tuesday the 6th at 7pm - Perfectly surfing the waves of thought in meditation

Wednesday the 7th at 7pm - Stress release in meditation, we meditate to be awesome at life not escape it

Thursday the 8th at 7pm - The joy of consistency and the long term evolution of consciousness

Hope to see some of you there! Click here for address details!

The Time I Almost Died Was My Favorite

The Time I Almost Died Was My Favorite

One year ago I was in Sayulita, Mexico as part of my meditation teacher training. After a long day full of rounding (an industrial strength advanced technique for existing meditators), great food and knowledge meetings, my roommate and I decided to go down to the beach at midnight.

He was an experienced surfer and not afraid to drop his swimsuit and go out in the pitch dark, intense crashing waves. I laid down on the sand to chill out and digest all the beauty I had taken in that day.

Chicago Group Meditation

October 19th at Life Force Art Center 1609 W Belmont Ave 6:30PM-7:30PM

A knowledge meeting and group meditation for Chicago Vedic Meditators.

The topic will be Meditation and Fear. It is horror movie time and I'm going to apply my love of Halloween into a talk on embracing fear in order to transcend it. 

Fear is an emotion that no one is immune to, to not have it would be an imbalance of the human experience. So what do we do with this chemical response in us that we find undesirable? Well, any tool is useful when properly applied! 

We'll explore the chemistry of fear and how as meditators we can use this emotion as an advantage. After the meditation and talk feel free to join me at the Logan Theater to see the new Halloween movie!

"Can someone still be brave if they are afraid?"
"That is the only time they can be brave."
George RR Martin - Book One of A Song of Ice and Fire