The Time I Almost Died Was My Favorite

The Time I Almost Died Was My Favorite

One year ago I was in Sayulita, Mexico as part of my meditation teacher training. After a long day full of rounding (an industrial strength advanced technique for existing meditators), great food and knowledge meetings, my roommate and I decided to go down to the beach at midnight.

He was an experienced surfer and not afraid to drop his swimsuit and go out in the pitch dark, intense crashing waves. I laid down on the sand to chill out and digest all the beauty I had taken in that day.

Chicago Group Meditation

October 19th at Life Force Art Center 1609 W Belmont Ave 6:30PM-7:30PM

A knowledge meeting and group meditation for Chicago Vedic Meditators.

The topic will be Meditation and Fear. It is horror movie time and I'm going to apply my love of Halloween into a talk on embracing fear in order to transcend it. 

Fear is an emotion that no one is immune to, to not have it would be an imbalance of the human experience. So what do we do with this chemical response in us that we find undesirable? Well, any tool is useful when properly applied! 

We'll explore the chemistry of fear and how as meditators we can use this emotion as an advantage. After the meditation and talk feel free to join me at the Logan Theater to see the new Halloween movie!

"Can someone still be brave if they are afraid?"
"That is the only time they can be brave."
George RR Martin - Book One of A Song of Ice and Fire

I love my wonky website!

And it will ony get better! I actually have no clue what I’m doing designing this thing. It took me a month to get what I have and I’m still missing vital info and features. And you know what, I am totally cool with it. Because the brightside is that everyday I suck a little less at working on this and soon I’ll have a pretty nice website!

If I kept waiting for it to be “perfect” no one would ever find this site because it would never exist. So I am proud to show what I have at the moment and I fully embrace the wonkiness.

So WELCOME! I know that there are a great deal of meditation websites and this is certainly not the first or only one you’ve visited. I really appreciate you being here and if you want to learn more about all this, email me at for course info and we’ll talk soon!