Rockford Meditation Training

Yo Rockford! I’ll once again be bringing the only authentic meditation option available in your city. (September 6th - 9th) Meditation isn’t something you have to try to do, it is a natural biological system that requires no fighting against thoughts.

If you are trying to quiet your mind, or trying to breathe right you are wasting your time! Stop that! Hahaha If someone is trying to be cool, or smart, or tough, how cool/smart/or tough do they look? Not at all! Stop trying to meditate and learn the actual science behind it from an expert with nine years experience studying and teaching all over the world!

Friday September 6th

6pm - 7:45pm

Saturday September 7th

1pm - 2:30pm

Sunday September 8th

1pm - 2:30pm

Monday September 9th

6pm - 7:30pm

Register HERE!

Email here to set up an intro call and I’ll answer all your questions about the course!