A Course In Vedic Knowledge Part 1

An advanced course (for practicing Vedic Meditators) consisting of 10 hours of recorded Vedic Knowledge as told by master teacher, writer, and actor Jeff Kober. I'll be hosting, answering any questions that arise, and providing dinner on Saturday/Sunday.

Over the course we begin to build a framework/paradigm for ourselves that facilitates the application of Vedic truths in all aspects of life.

There is only one thing. This one thing is consciousness itself. I am, you are, that one thing. Now what does that mean for us? How do we apply this in life? That is what this course is all about!

I suggest that you only plan to register for this course if you have been consistently practicing VM for at least six months.

Friday September 13th 6pm-8;30pm

Saturday September 14th 12pm-6:30om

Sunday September 15th 12-6:30pm

Link to event HERE! No Facebook? Don’t blame you, good choice! Email me HERE for details!