I love my wonky website!

And it will ony get better! I actually have no clue what I’m doing designing this thing. It took me a month to get what I have and I’m still missing vital info and features. And you know what, I am totally cool with it. Because the brightside is that everyday I suck a little less at working on this and soon I’ll have a pretty nice website!

If I kept waiting for it to be “perfect” no one would ever find this site because it would never exist. So I am proud to show what I have at the moment and I fully embrace the wonkiness.

So WELCOME! I know that there are a great deal of meditation websites and this is certainly not the first or only one you’ve visited. I really appreciate you being here and if you want to learn more about all this, email me at jonatronleaf@gmail.com for course info and we’ll talk soon!