The Gift of Meditation

Give yourself the gift of a true meditation practice, so that you may be more available to give to others! Come enjoy a talk on all the mechanics and science of meditation.

I'm the teacher people find when they are tired of trying to meditate and want to learn how to meditate. Give yourself the best, a professional all questions answered and experiences validated course by an expert.

No apps, no guides, no wondering if you are actually meditating right. Meditating is one of the easiest things in the world. Your body already knows how to meditate, you have to learn to let it happen. If meditation is something you find difficult, stop wasting your time and energy on an inaccurate and ineffective view on meditation! I would love to teach how beautiful and easy meditation truly is.

You cannot give what you do not have, give yourself the gift of professional meditation training! End this year strong and be ready to take on the new year! After the talk there will be a four day course (90 minutes each day) available to sign up for!

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