My Two Favorites Songs of 2018 & the Full Range of Emotion

My two favorite songs of 2018 are ‘Fen of Shadows’ by Skeletonwitch and ‘Baam’ by MOMOLAND. One is a high consciousness hardcore thrash metal song, the other a perfect kpop masterpiece of dance party fun. You can probably guess which is which! These two “conflicting” styles illustrate perfectly what meditation is all about.

From non-meditators, to short-term meditators, to long-term meditators the FULL RANGE of emotion is essential and valuable. We all have permission to experience all emotions!

Any emotion that is suppressed or hidden doesn’t disappear, it maladapts, mutates, and finds a more destructive way to express itself.

Meditation is NOT about blocking out anything or stopping thoughts (actually that is scientifically and biologically impossible)! Meditation is about allowing yourself to honestly express the full range of who you are.

When it is too bright what do you do? You raise your hand above your eyes and introduce a little darkness so that you may see. When a room is dark, you add light so that you may move freely. All emotions are essential, allow yourself permission to be truly who you are and embrace your full range of potential.