Rockford Meditation Training

Yo Rockford! I’ll once again be bringing the only authentic meditation option available in your city. (September 6th - 9th) Meditation isn’t something you have to try to do, it is a natural biological system that requires no fighting against thoughts.

If you are trying to quiet your mind, or trying to breathe right you are wasting your time! Stop that! Hahaha If someone is trying to be cool, or smart, or tough, how cool/smart/or tough do they look? Not at all! Stop trying to meditate and learn the actual science behind it from an expert with nine years experience studying and teaching all over the world!

Friday September 6th

6pm - 7:45pm

Saturday September 7th

1pm - 2:30pm

Sunday September 8th

1pm - 2:30pm

Monday September 9th

6pm - 7:30pm

Register HERE!

Email here to set up an intro call and I’ll answer all your questions about the course!

A Course In Vedic Knowledge Part 1

An advanced course (for practicing Vedic Meditators) consisting of 10 hours of recorded Vedic Knowledge as told by master teacher, writer, and actor Jeff Kober. I'll be hosting, answering any questions that arise, and providing dinner on Saturday/Sunday.

Over the course we begin to build a framework/paradigm for ourselves that facilitates the application of Vedic truths in all aspects of life.

There is only one thing. This one thing is consciousness itself. I am, you are, that one thing. Now what does that mean for us? How do we apply this in life? That is what this course is all about!

I suggest that you only plan to register for this course if you have been consistently practicing VM for at least six months.

Friday September 13th 6pm-8;30pm

Saturday September 14th 12pm-6:30om

Sunday September 15th 12-6:30pm

Link to event HERE! No Facebook? Don’t blame you, good choice! Email me HERE for details!

Guru Purnima Celebration! July 16th at 6pm

For all Chicago Vedic and TM meditators! Come to Lakeview Chicago’s Guru Purnima celebration. Guru Purnima is an auspicious day to learn new knowledge and have new beginnings, as well as a day to show gratitude to all of our teachers.

This event will include FOUR VM teachers! We will perform the gratitude ceremony Puja and follow that up with a quick walk down to the lake for a super charged knowledge meeting! We’ll talk on new beginnings and be open for all questions.

Rare is the moment to have access to so many teachers on such an auspicious day in the Vedic calendar! So excited for this!

EMAIL HERE to confirm and get details!

Chicago Refresher Sessions and Group Meditations

All Vedic Meditators in Chicago are welcome to attend my course taking place July 1st - July 3rd!

Group meditations, Q&A, and comprehensive details of the science and biology of meditation. Available free of charge to anyone who has already learned VM through personal instruction.

Monday July 1st (12pm-1:30pm) The layers of thought and how to navigate them

Tuesday July 2nd (12pm-1:30pm) Stress release in meditation, the real star of the show

Wednesday July 3rd (12pm-1:30pm) Short and long term benefits of advancing consciousness

EMAIL HERE to confirm and get address

Advanced Refresher Sessions in Lakeview

All Chicago Vedic Meditators!

As you evolve along with the understanding of your practice, your questions get sharper and your experience gets deeper. I am hosting a refresher course all about cultivating that advanced experience!

June 25th at 12pm - Being in alignment with Creation, Maintenance, and Destruction.

June 26th at 12pm - You vs Nature = Nature wins. You with Nature = Everything wins.

June 27th at 12pm - Open discussion and troubleshooting. Bring your hardest, deepest questions!

Contact me HERE to RSVP and get the address!

Rockford Meditation Q&A and Private Course in Itasca

June 10th through the 13th I am teaching a private course in Itasca. (Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to book yours!)

I’ll also be teaching an open course in Rockford that same week, beginning with an intro talk on June 10th at 6pm.

317 Art Collective

317 Market St. Rockford IL

We are in a time where we are being bombarded with information, yet can barely get a hint of practical knowledge.

Meditation is no different. There is an abundance of "information" yet very little of it leads to people who are looking for an effective practice. The heart of the matter is that meditation is, and always has been, taught and learned about in person.

Rockford! Here is your chance to cut through the fog and interact with a professional, world traveled teacher!

I'll be available to answer all questions and go in depth on what meditation truly is! Because whatever you think meditation is through misinformation from apps and the internet will be tossed to the side in favor of actual scientific knowledge.

After this session there will be a 4 day course (90 minute sessions) available to sign up for. This course will take place June 11th through June 14th. This course is available for anyone looking for professional meditation training. Whether or not you sign up for the course, your understanding of meditation will drastically increase! Register HERE