Hello! My name is Jonathan Leaf and I am a Vedic Meditation teacher based in Chicago.

With the happiest dude on Earth, Pandit Baskaran.

With the happiest dude on Earth, Pandit Baskaran.


I also love teaching people how to finally meditate in a way they enjoy. So lucky for both of us that you are here! My favorite part of teaching is after a meditation a student will slowly open their eyes and look at me with the “Whoa…. I just meditated for real, and it was awesome” look.

I remember having that experience the first time I learned from my teacher and how awesome it was (and still is!). It was the joy of meditating in a way that I felt, and knew, was authentic and exactly what I was looking for. It was also a relief that I was done trying to meditate and had found something that actually works!

Since then I have been practicing Vedic Meditation daily for over nine years and have traveled the US, Mexico, and India to apprentice with the most respected teachers in this tradition. Now as a teacher I love meditating more than ever, and love sharing my knowledge leading to all those wonderful “Whoa, this is awesome” moments!

I teach by request when I don’t have any courses scheduled. EMAIL HERE to set up a time to talk!

We are all one! ( artwork by Rosalyn Yoon )

We are all one! (artwork by Rosalyn Yoon)


Why do you need a meditation teacher? That is the easiest question ever. The answer is a simple law of nature: You cannot give what you do not have.

An app or someone telling you to just focus on your breath have no comprehensive understanding of the mechanics of meditation. If they did they wouldn’t waste your time with an inaccurate and ineffective view on the process. We’ve all tried it before. You sit with your back straight (wrong!), focusing on your breath (wrong!), trying to stop your thoughts (scientifically impossible!), and you wonder how anyone can actually enjoy this. The truth is no one enjoys that because it is not meditating, it is torture! It is what someone who has no idea of the science and biology of meditation will tell you. Great news! With professional instruction, you can easily learn the science and biology of actual meditation!

Once again, you cannot give what you do not have. None of the experience I (or any other real teacher) have can be learned from an app, book, or guided meditation. There never has been and never will be a substitute for learning meditation via personal instruction.

What I have is a professional understanding of the actual science and mechanics of meditating, with years of direct experience that I can give. After a four day course (90 minutes each day) you will be a self sufficient meditator that can meditate anywhere without needing anything but a comfortable place to sit and yourself. Email here to schedule a one on one consult.

Any tool is useful when properly applied ( artwork by Rosalyn Yoon )

Any tool is useful when properly applied (artwork by Rosalyn Yoon)

What you get in the course!

  1. Your mantra! An authentic mantra best suited to resonate in your physiology, determined by an experienced teacher.

  2. Comprehensive instruction on how easy and intuitive meditating truly is, and feedback (over four 90 minute sessions) on how to apply your mantra for optimal results. All experiences validated and fine tuned to ensure evolution.

  3. In depth discussion and knowledge on the biology and science of everything that occurs inside of meditation. More importantly, how it cascades into daily life!

  4. Access to group meditations with other meditators and a professional teacher with Q&A after.

  5. A lifetime of follow up! Yes, a lifetime! Once you have a teacher in this style of meditation you have a teacher for life. You NEVER have to have an unanswered question about meditation! You will have more contact info for me than my mother does (because she doesn’t know how to use Instagram and Facebook) You can contact me anytime with questions or to check in!

  6. Access to freely attend all my future courses and any other Vedic Meditation teachers course. NY, LA, Atlanta, London, Sydney, NOLA, among others. Anywhere there is a Vedic Meditation course you can go through the entire course again with any available teacher.

Vedic Meditation is a premium, time perfected style (dating back 5,000 years) that is practiced twice daily and is based in the chemistry of the body. For example, no one is creating new emotions, we all have the same small pool of feelings. The reason we have any emotion is because a chemical is sent to our brains that tells us to have that specific emotion. The more often your brain receives a certain chemical, the more the brain seeks that chemical.

That is how a loop of stress begins to take hold and keeps your mind racing while you are trying to sleep, has you reliving simple mistakes over and over, or has you overreacting to mundane stimuli. Vedic Meditation begins, and continues, to break the cycle of stress by allowing you to access a place of rest which introduces a surplus of chemicals associated with happiness and understanding.

20 minutes at a time you take out the emotional trash and make room for more love, more understanding, more peace. It is so beautiful!

Email here to set up an intro talk and four day course (90 minutes a day)

Meditating with my homies in Rishikesh during our teacher training

Meditating with my homies in Rishikesh during our teacher training

The one time course fee is on a sliding scale based on the student. Not everyone pays the same course fee but everyone receives the same in depth explanation of the technique, full comprehensive course, and all follow up support. It is an investment in yourself that pays you back like you would never imagine! Let’s jam!